Rigging Services
Assembly and Repacks
  $70 Sport reserve inspection and repack
  $130 Rush or weekend
  $80 Pilot rig reserve repack
  $25 Assemble main to container
  $35 Assemble reserve to container
  $25 Inspect and pack main
  $130 Complete Assembly

Cypres Service
  $90 New Cypres batteries (includes installation)
  $200 Cypres maintenance (includes shipping)
  $20 Install Cypres w/o repack

Parachute Maintenance
  $35 Detachable soft links (includes installation)
  $85 Reline Main canopy (does not include price of lines)
  $20 Replace individual line, per line
  $55 Per hour charge + materials on other parachute repairs

Container Maintenance
  $60 Wash container and reassemble
  $55 Install / Replace BOC
  $55 Per hour charge + materials on other container repairs

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